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Tam O'Shanter

Based off of the famous Robert Burns poem of the same name. Tam O'Shanter is an original ballet to be premired at the 2024 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Dated to be confirmed. We are currently underway with our rehearsal and see our social media for some sneak peaks...



Tam O’Shanter is enjoying a night in the tavern with his wife Kate and his best friend Johnnie. The tavern is heaving and they meet lots of folk. As folk drink into the night, things get out of hand. The night reaches a peak when a mysterious individual appears with a fiddle and plays the devil’s reel for the tavern-folk. After one last dance the barkeeper, Morag, kicks everyone out and closes the tavern.

Everyone goes home, but Tam, Johnnie, Kate and Effie continue drinking on the street outside. Tam has had a lot to drink, and Kate (fed up with Tam’s antics) storms off home after failing to get him to come with her. Tam stays behind and drinks into a stupor while Johnnie and Effie flirt, but eventually she gets tired of the drunk men and leaves too. Johnnie chases after her, and Tam falls asleep.

It's well past midnight when Tam gets on his grey mare, Meg, and heads home. In the distance he hears the sounds of church bells ringing. As he gets closer he sees the Alloway Auld Kirk in the distance, he rides up to look inside. Peaking through the window, he sees a terrifying, debaucherous scene. Witches, warlocks, ghosts and ghouls dancing. He sees the fiddler from earlier (the devil), in the middle, and some witches dancing around him/her. As the dancing gets more raucous, he catcalls one witch he’s taken a fancy to - ‘Weel done, cutty sark!’.

Suddenly all goes black, and when light returns every witch, warlock and ghoul in the kirk is pressed up against the window looking menacingly at Tam. They chase him and Meg away from the kirk, led by the terrifying witch Isobel. As they reach the Brig o’Doon, the witches chase is stopped by the running water, but at the last second one of them grabs Meg’s tail which comes off.

Tam gets back to the tavern and collapses on the ground where he woke up earlier. As dawn breaks, Kate comes along to find her husband where she left him.

See you at the #FringeFestival next year!

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