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Sleeping Beauty is a coming-of-age tale of magic and true love. When the evil fairy, Carabosse, shows up uninvited to Aurora’s christening, she places a curse on the young princess, condemning her to death after pricking her finger on a needle before her 21st birthday. The good fairies transformed the curse so that Aurora will instead fall into a deep sleep that can only be broken if Carabosse is defeated. With the help of her fairy friends and a handsome prince, will she be able to wake up or will she stay asleep forever?

Our modernised adaptation of this classic was a performance for the whole family to enjoy. 

Our performance of Sleeping Beauty took place on Saturdays 10th and 24th June 2023 at PASS Theatre, Edinburgh College.

Directed by Rachel Clowes and Vanessa Smer-Barreto. 

Photographs by Roddy Simpson

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