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Alice in Wonderland 

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2022


Alice is sitting in the garden when she’s interrupted by her sisters. They play together, then take an afternoon nap. Alice is woken from her sleep by a White Rabbit, who she follows down a rabbit hole.


When she stops falling, Alice finds herself in Wonderland. She spots a door to a rose garden, but she’s too big to fit through it. She tries drinking a bottle labelled “drink me”, which makes her shrink. She realises she’s now too small to reach the door handle and starts to cry, creating a river of tears.


Caught in the river, some birds surround Alice. She suggests running a caucus race to dry off, but is ignored by all except the Dodo. After the race, the birds take all Alice’s sweets. 


Alice in Wonderland (3).jpg

Alice spots the White Rabbit again. She gives chase, but is interrupted by some Footmen. She follows them to the Duchess’s house, where the cook is making dinner. Alice disrupts the household and annoys the cook.


The White Rabbit arrives with an invitation to play croquet with the Queen of Hearts. Everyone is upset, as the Queen is known for beheading her opponents. The Duchess laments her fate. She almost drops the baby in the cook’s pot. The cook’s anger boils over, and Alice realises the baby is actually a pig. The Cheshire Cat helps Alice escape the house, while the others fight over what to do with the pig.


The Cheshire Cat leads Alice through Wonderland. She’s introduced to the Caterpillar, who keeps asking “who are you?” The Cheshire Cat then sends her off on her own. 


The Mad Hatter, March Hare and Dormouse are having a tea party. Alice finds them and joins in. The Mad Hatter poses a riddle to the group: “why is a raven like a writing desk?” They ponder the answer. When they finish their tea, the trio bid goodbye to Alice.


Alice finds the Knave of Hearts. He explains his beautiful rose comes from the Queen’s garden. Alice remembers the garden behind the locked door, and persuades the Knave to take her to it. 


'...what really shines through is the commitment and enthusiasm in what is a light, easy-going, family-friendly adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s classic novel'


 *** Seeing Dance


In the palace gardens, Alice and the Knave discover cards hurriedly painting roses. They explain that they’ll be beheaded if the Queen sees white roses. Alice and the Knave offer help. Soon the King and Queen of Hearts arrive. The King gives the Queen a box of tarts. When she realises one has been stolen, she accuses the Knave.


The tea party trio and the Cheshire Cat are witnesses at the Knave’s trial. Each blames the Knave for the missing tart. Alice tries to defend the Knave, shoving the Queen. All of Wonderland collapses in a flurry of cards.


Alice wakes up in the garden and tells her sisters of her adventures, wondering if it really was all a dream. 

Cast -Thursday 25th August

Alice: Vanessa Smer-Barreto

Sisters: Rachel Edwards and Becca Malone

White Rabbit: Moira Tulloch

Dodo: Emma Mulholland

Birds: Alison Stewart, Amy MacPherson, Grace Balfour-Harle, Jayde Terri, Kevin Ventura, Ryan McManus, Victoria Porley

Footmen: Susan Chynoweth and Karen Duignan

Cook: Becca Malone

Cheshire Cat: Kelly Gilbert

Duchess: Rachel Clowes

Caterpillar: Rachel Edwards, Victoria Porley, Emma Mulholland, Amy MacPherson

Mad Hatter: Grace Balfour-Harle

March Hare: Becca Malone

Dormouse: Jayde Terri

Knave of Hearts: Kevin Ventura  

Queen of Hearts: Kelly Gilbert

Pas de tarts: Susan Chynoweth, Rachel Clowes, Kevin Ventura, Ryan McManus, Karen Duignan 

Executioners: Alison Stewart and Emma Mulholland  

Cards: Amy MacPherson, Ryan McManus, Victoria Porley, Alison Stewart, Rachel Clowes, Emma Mulholland, Susan Chynoweth and Karen Duignan

Special Thanks


Inspired by Lewis Caroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland with choreography by Vanessa Smer-Barreto, Rachel Clowes, and Katy McMillan

Music by Herbert Baumann, Tony Kinsey, Anne Dudley, Peter Cork, Alfred Reynolds and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Arranged by Rachel Clowes.

Rachel Edwards for your amazing work on social media.

Jamie and Jayde for the poster

Susan, Emma, Moira, Karen, Alison, Amy, Kelly, Grace, Lois, and Vanessa for your help with costumes.

Jayde, Moira, Susan, Kelly, Slava, Aileen and Michael for your help with the props.

Andy for doing the lighting for our shows

Dareen and the Greenside Team for all the support and allowing us to perform at the Fringe

Tracy Hawkes and Vassia Bouchagiar for allowing us to rehearse at Dance for All 

And especially to all our dancers for the hard work and support they have put in to bring Alice to the stage.

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