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Other Past Productions 

2019 - Cinderella and Choreographic works

This was the first full production from the company under the direction of Rachel and Vanessa. It featured the ball scene from Cinderella choreographed by Rachel Clowes, and several choreographic works from our members, including the fairy dances from Sleeping Beauty Act 1.

2018 - National Library of Scotland - Scottish school exams

In 2018, Vanessa won one of seven bursaries offered by the National Library of Scotland to create a dance piece interpreting a Scottish geometry exam from 1932 in a creative way. EBT members rose to the challenge and spent a day filming at the library itself. For more information, visit

Video credit: Roddy Simpson

Video credit: Roddy Simpson

2017 - Constraining Dark Energy: Dance your PhD 2017

Since 1996, Science Journal has sponsored an annual competition which challenges scientists to interpret their PhD in dance. We entered using Vanessa's thesis, and were finalists in the physics category.

Video credit: Roddy Simpson

2016 - Autumn

Choreographed by Rachel to Vivaldi's music, this short ballet explored changes of mood, spacing, and placement with a deep emotional connection to the score.


Photo credit: Richard Marshall


Photo credit: Richard Marshall

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