• Aurora

  • Prince 

  • King 

  • Queen

  • 4x Fairies 

  • Carabosse

  • Carabosse’s fairies x2

  • Bluebird +/- Prince, +/- 2 more birds/Jewels dances

  • Cat/s

  • Red Riding Hood and Wolf 

  • Group dances ~ 3-4+ dances 

Rough Synopsis

Act 1 - Christening 

  • Guests welcomed to the Christening (group dance)

  • King and queen PDD (complexity depending on dancers)

  • Fairies present their gifts to Aurora

  • Carabosse arrives angry (backstory that she has been wronged by King and Queen) and curses Aurora 

  • Fairies changes curse to sleep 

Act 2 - Curse 

  • Garland waltz 

  • Aurora solo, 

  • Mime where she knows not to picks her fingers 

  • ?Second group dance

  • ?Fairies dance

  • Rose adagio ?PDD Aurora with Prince, they are already in love 

  • Prince gives Aurora a bouquet, given by Carabosse in disguise, which has a needle and she pricks her finger, small dance and she falls asleep

  • Carabosse makes her appearance, Prince finds the needle in the bouquet and runs after Carabosse with the fairies

Act 3 - Fight

  • Prince and Fairies find Carabosse and they fight. The Prince wins, which wakes up Aurora (she comes running in after the battle) (no kiss needed) 

Act 4 - Celebration 

  • Group dance with guests

  • Show: Jewels, Bluebird, cats, Red Riding Hood. ?Bluebird and jewels combine thier dances

  • Wedding, and small PDD

  • Final group dance