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Sleeping Beauty 

Sleeping Beauty is a coming-of-age tale of magic and true love. When the evil fairy, Carabosse, shows up uninvited to Aurora’s christening, she places a curse on the young princess, condemning her to death after pricking her finger on a needle before her 21st birthday.

The good fairies manage to transform the curse so that Aurora will instead fall into a deep sleep that can only be broken if Carabosse is defeated. With the help of her fairy friends and a handsome prince, will she be able to wake up or will she stay asleep forever?

Our June performance was recorded by Roddy Simpson and is available to purchase for just £15. Purchase will give you access to two recordings starting Saskia Peace or Kelly Gilbert as Aurora which will be sent to you via email within 3 working days. All funds go towards the company to help support future shows. Purchase is non-refundable. If you experience any issues please contact us at

Sleeping Beauty Video 

I understand that I will receive a link to the videos within 3 working days following completion of this form and then completing payment through PayPal. 

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